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William Brown, M.A.Ed., M.A.Sp.Ed.
Certified Health Coach (CHC)

Following graduation from Doane University, Bill Brown embarked upon a career in education with Grand Island Public Schools, eventually receiving a Master of Arts degree in Education Administration (UNK) and serving as an administrative intern while teaching Kindergarten.

His professional life took a unique turn, when he was offered a position selling insurance. After retirement from this rewarding career, Bill later pursued a second Masters Degree (UNK), expanding into the field of
Special Education. He found the school setting rewarding by being of service to high school students with learning disabilities. He also found satisfaction through coaching with the football and wrestling programs.

Following successful careers in education and insurance, Life/Health coaching became Bill’s passion. It was the opportunity to consolidate his life experiences, with the Bible’s guidance and embark upon a ministry of service to others. It has become an ideal mix of active listening, encouragement and accompanying others on a path that helps them to become an ever-enhanced version of themselves.

Learn how to enhance your quality of life, find greater peace, fulfillment and purpose.
What happens in this world does not define you, it is your reaction and relationship to those
experiences that bring about real change.

How does life/health coaching work?

Utilizing a life/health coach enables people like you to achieve the outcomes you are looking for in your everyday life. Whether you are experiencing work “burn-out” or fatigue or have a specific habit you are wanting to tackle, a life/health coach can assist by discovering ways to tap into your stressors and overcome the challenges you are facing. It doesn’t matter what the obstacle, a life/health coach can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

If you are experiencing stress, unfulfillment and/or struggles in your current situation, William Brown can help you gain control with simple methods to regain clarity and redirection in your life. Through life/health coaching, you will be better equipped to address obstacles across various areas in your day-to-day life.

This type of coaching is about intentional habit change, deliberately moving from destructive habits to constructive, healthy day-to-day living.

Treating “Burn-out”/Fatigue

Habit Changes

Overcoming Obstacles

Bill can help you achieve your goals.

What clients are saying…

“Whether it is nutrition, finances, exercise, mental health, family issues or just helping me think through how to deal with certain things. Bill has been an unbelievable help to me professionally and personally.”

Kyle Campise

“Bill knows the ups and downs people face in life. He has a spiritual world view and could positively impact individuals of any age or background. I highly recommend him.

Rick Huls